They learn from other (very successful) entrepreneurs.

By far the fastest method to finding a proven method you can follow, ask someone who’s done it before (and succeeded). We have more than 20 businesses over the past 20 years with really impressive results, highly successful, quirky and fun, some are iconic and others have even helped shape the Cape Town landscape. Build your business systematically with predictable and consistent results using our techniques.

Powerful Tools from Trusted Entrepreneurs

Who is the Daddy’s Brand?
How did they become so successful?
How we can help you achieve great success NOW?
Why this is Risk Free for you.
What others have said. 



You Definitely Know the Daddy’s Brand…


  • You’ve been to the Saturday market at the Old Biscuit Mill
  • No doubt remember the Airstream trailers being hoisted to the top of the Grand Daddy Hotel in Long Street,
  • probably even saw the interview with Jack Parrow at the Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer park in Elgin.
  • Do you get daily deals from Daddy’s Deals? maybe you have offices in the Woodstock Exchange

Whatever it is, you’ve definitely heard of the guys behind the Daddy’s Brand – they’re maverick, fearless entrepreneurs, credited for transforming Long Street and are doing the same in Woodstock.

Are we just lucky?

 Having built such a huge portfolio of highly successful businesses you might think that the Daddy’s are permanently lucky – but we can’t be… can we?

No – we do things differently, but the differences are only subtle: these small, practical, often costless differences give us the edge, when compounded lead to terrifically superior results – these are the secrets from the Daddy’s Brand.

We can teach you the Daddy’s secrets!

Whatever your stage of business, we’ve got a solution to quickly and permanently boost your success rates.


Choose one..






Why this is Risk Free for you.

Boost your business success with our proven tools – Guaranteed.

The Dragons will not only teach fearless business skills but coach start-up companies with great potential into the next league.

We’ll give you the tools you need to quickly boost your earnings for any business or industry – on demand.

Our Business School offering provides on the job training for entrepreneurs providing you with really powerful tools and techniques for closing more business and for managing the tricky business of running a business. Our incubation offering provides access to funding, resources, management, skills transfer and mentorship are just some of the tools you can access.

What’s more, you can also find out exactly why your competitors are being more successful… then beat them.

Yes, it’s really important to keep an eye on the marketplace to see what others are doing. We show you exactly why most entrepreneurs and small business fail and how you can learn from these to avoid making the same mistakes.

Learn what it takes to become an advanced business owner – and discover the latest tactics and strategies that aren’t being revealed anywhere else.

Join our community and get prompt expert replies to your questions.

Don’t just take our word for it – see what these world-class entrepreneurs are saying about our programmes.

 What others are saying about the CRASH Course



You've done nothing short of change my life...–Amanda Perkins – Employ recently turned entrepreneur.

Paul guided me beautifully to a solution that had my eyes sparkling as I know they need to in order for me to move forward on a project.–Sue Northam – published on BizCommunity

What a rare pleasure it was to attend your course!   Thank you for a delightful two days full of learning and exchange of ideas. You made it look easy but I think the value we all took away from our time  there was in no small measure due to your excellent facilitation of the affair. –Abrie Nel – entrepreneur and PhD student.

I feel like I have my head 'back' from when I started this business venture 2 years ago – now I’m just equipped to know what to look out for. –Lindsay Gibson, Entrepreneur

Thank you so much for a very insightful two days it was so wonderful to meet you and to be part of Daddy’s Dragons – I have been TOTALLY inspired by the whole experience  –Yvette Frater - Frater Square, Paarl

Thank you Paul and the rest of the Dragons for a very intense and exiting course! This was truly an inspirational experience...now to implement all those ideas... [/client_name]

Daddy’s now wants to work with you – are you ready for the big leagues?

The lively, maverick style of life embodied in the Daddy’s Brand has evolved to include a business school and incubator adaption Daddy’s Dragons. The Dragons will not only teach fearless business skills but coach start-up companies with great potential into the next league. Our incubation offering provides access to funding, resources, management, skills transfer and mentorship – just some of the tools you can access.

Daddy’s Dragons is the logical extension of the Daddy brand’s into the world of the entrepreneur and slots into the new Daddy.O office space at the Old Biscuit Mill. Daddy.O is a professionally serviced, flexible & inspiring office solution for independent and small business owners, a home for the community of entrepreneurs.

Daddy’s Dragons answers to a real need for realistic and practical business education – on the job training for entrepreneurs. And who better to provide this than the entrepreneurs that brought Cape Town some of the most iconic South Africa brands.

A meeting of business and social responsibility and Fulfilment of a personal quest.

The difference between Daddy’s Dragons and other incubators is that the guidance and support comes directly from a company and people with a proven track record of starting up diverse and highly successful businesses. These award-winning businessmen are excellent examples of creative teamwork, where job development and community revitalization are central components to their ethos and they’re ready to help you get your business to the next level.

We’re also supporting a wide range of entrepreneurs, unlike others who assist only high growth, generally tech companies, Daddy’s with its wide range of experience in differing industries can offer support to all entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Are you ready?

We’ve provided links here on our website that will guide you through the process, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or an employee wanting to be an entrepreneur check out where do I start  to find out what we can do for you. Our CRASH Course is a great starting place for all entrepreneurs. Lack of formal training and education are definitely a huge factor in the unacceptably high failure rate of small businesses, so on this course we give you some practical tips on how to avoid the common mistakes made by entrepreneurs. Our unique system which shows you how to identify a real need in the marketplace with pinpoint accuracy and a number of other really solid topics to help you to grow a sustainable and predictable business.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a little more experience, why don’t you register your interest in incubation, we’ll schedule a discussion about your business and what it needs to thrive. The team will analyse the results using our accelerator system and determine the best approach for you to see immediate and permanent results, the output is yours to keep and valuable in itself…

Other pages you might find useful here are the Frequently Asked Questions Pages, or have a look at our Resources page, where we’re gathering together a list of the more useful tools and ideas we come across.

Finally if you do nothing else, register to receive our blog, where we highlight some of the fantastic things that are going on. Our Motto is Create Awesome Things with other Awesome People so we’re gathering together a really powerful community of Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs, so stay in touch, Like us on Facebook or check out our Twitter handle – whatever you do, don’t leave here without doing anything – We’re here for your Success.

Choose your stage of business to see how we can help you best.






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